Licensed Contractors

Residence Inn Golden Testimonal

Throughout many years in hospitality, I have heard of renovation projects going horribly wrong…I’ve heard of nightmare General Contractors. I’ve heard of construction companies that did not show up, fell far behind schedule, did not have proper work ethics, did not have the proper resources, were not presentable, allowed poor quality work, did not listen to concerns of the property, completed work wrong and or were not accountable for the punch items. We were fortunate and were NOT one of those tragic stories. I found myself comforted to know we had a GC in which we could trust; a company that would listen to our concerns and work with us, not against us, to fulfill the desired outcome of the project. I thank your team for their focus and dedication to our project. I would not hesitate in using them in my own home, or asking for them to bid on our next hotel project…in fact we already have. – Jesse Loose, GM Residence Inn Golden